The Prawns of Lebowa

August 1, 2014

The Prawns of Lebowa is the third book in The Collector of Tales trilogy. The Collector is still in Xandria (from The Xandrian Quarters and is becoming increasingly involved in a series of events that are unfolding through another character, the Marechati(secret policeman), Rollo. These events lead to assault, interrogation and eventually the death of The Collector, leaving his self-appointed guardian, Malice, to set things right.

Although Lebowan Prawns is a famous local dish in the Xandrian Quarters, the title is obviously a play on the confusion of the words,prawns and pawns, in chess. What, you have never heard someone refer to pawns as prawns? There is a slight twist to this, I guess, given that a fundamental premise of The Collector is that humans have no control over their life and are simply affected by the infinite variations of possibility. This does not in my opinion, exclude the existence of the proverbial Divine Watchmaker or God, if you prefer. I therefore leave unanswered the obvious question as to who is moving the pieces.

The story plays out the final days of The Collector of Tales as he gets caught up unwittingly in some obscure intrigue involving the sale of indulgences in the Xandrian Quarters. After a series of almost predictably random episodes, The Collector meets a particularly sadistic marechati known as the Cat Man. As a result of his injuries The Collector eventually dies and is removed from the tale leaving the two protagonists Malice and Rollo to play out the end game.

Malice, who has a certain fondness for some of his fellow humans, leaves off the role of protector that he had assumed in The Xandrian Quarters and takes on the task as avenger, resulting in a series of rapid moves as characters are removed from play.

The tale is written initially through first and third person narrative depending on the viewpoint ta the time but after the Collector's death we are left in third person, emphasising the fact that we have shifted both perspective and focus.

The current text is some thirty thousand words in length of a planned sixty thousand or thereabouts. Only the first three chapters are available to download.

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